WFDSA: preparing the 2023 World Congress in Dubaï
> It is a pleasure and an honor for me to be the MC of the next World Congress of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, in Dubaï next October.
We are so excited to welcome representatives from all over the world.
Plus, it will be the first in-present since 2017 in Paris.
Defintitely the place to be, to meet inspiring people and develop business in the region!

> I would like to thank Tamuna Gabilaia, Executive Director and CEO of the #WFDSA, Adolfo Franco, Executive Vice President, and Jacques Cosnefroy, former Délégué Général Fédération de la Vente Directe (FVD).

> Special thanks to our hosts, Bettina Smith and Poorya Montaseri, Founder DSA UAE, for their kind hospitality.
We’ve got great time preparing this big event, with an enthusiastic team!
I’m pleased to work with so passionate people!